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We hook you up with top quality apparel and valuable goodies emblazoned with your own logo, in a rainbow of custom colors

(we can Pantone® color match on many items!) Let's talk about making trends work for your brand.


& Company

Let us display all of your company's gorgeous branded swag in a custom designed company web store or polished online lookbook, giving your clients or employees easy access to your brand approved loot. 

Creative Direction

& Design

Our skilled designers and experienced buyers are here to help. We stay up to date on the best trends and can offer expert guidance on choosing and designing your items, from concept to completion. 

Packaging, Shipping & Fulfillment

We can drop ship your items directly to your event or gift recipient, give you ongoing updates on the fulfillment process, and even take care of emergencies and rush orders as fast as we can.

Why we do what we do

Because Branded Promotions WORK

People who receive promotional gifts are much more likely to have a favorable impression of the company that gave it to them. You create a beneficial branding message just by giving clients and partners free products! Promotional products allow people to see and recognize your brand for a long time, increasing that very valuable marketing asset called organic brand awareness. The numbers show that 85% of worldwide consumers REMEMBER the company that gave them that cool free shirt, hat or bottle. And, when your message and identity are associated with a truly unique, functional, well-thought out custom gift, those benefits increase. Consumers gain a much more favorable impression of companies who give promos. That just makes sense.


Because They're Super Cost Effective

The cost per impression on promotional products can be as low as 1/10 of one cent, making your ROI far greater with these customized items than with any other advertising medium (including newspapers, radio, magazines, television, internet and mobile.) 

Because They Have Staying Power

Promo items stay in the end users hands, and unique, high quality gifts get used and shared even longer. That means your brand is visible for the lifetime of the gift, even if it gets donated or given away. A well designed, branded t-shirt will get seen and noticed a lot longer that an annoying CPC banner ad or pop-up. When you consider how long a cool logoed gift lasts and gets used, it's really adds up. Promos make your marketing department happy. 

Because Personalized Gifts are Meaningful

People love it when you use their name. Honor your employees, event guests or clients with a really elegant, personalized or custom gift. We work with top brands like Patagonia, Nike, Hydroflask, and Moleskine so you can give high quality stuff they'll use and love for a long time. Using an individuals name increases the lasting value to that person, and makes it really special. Building and keeping relationships is key to success. And they're worth it.

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