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In order to make your order process go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together some resources where you can find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about purchasing promotional items and custom swag.

  • Not sure what format your photos need to be in? Want to avoid “stair-step” pixelated images on your company t-shirts? Check out our Art Guidelines for details on software formats and artwork specifics.

  • Have questions or concerns about the shipping and fulfillment process? We’ve got a ground service transit time map and even more Shipping Information available.

  • Having trouble keeping track of everything? Browse our Order Checklist to keep track of what you need to do and make sure there isn’t anything you’re forgetting.

  • If you still can’t find the answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!

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  • Art Guidelines
    Software Formats Vector Art: Usually generated via Adobe Illustrator. Please convert all text to outlines and expand any strokes to avoid misprints. Please avoid using transparencies with spot colors. Support files must be EPS, TIFF or PDF. Export files as AI, EPS or PDF. Fonts Convert all text to “paths” or “outlines” (Vector Art). If this is not possible, send fonts in both screen and printer Type 1 fonts used. List all font names. Vector Art Artwork that stores mathematical information about the lines and shapes is called vector art. It can be scaled easily without producing the “stair-step” edges you will see in pixel based (raster) images. This type of art adapts to the resolution of any output device and is considered to be resolution independent. Vector art is produced by programs such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. If specific PMS colors are needed, please make sure they are called out in the art file. Focus4 can also suggest comparable PMS values to your brand's colorways. Raster Art Artwork and images that are defined by a “checkerboard” pattern, similar to viewing mosaic tiles. Raster images are limited by the number of pixels and cannot be enlarged without producing notieable jagged, stair-stepped edges. These images are produced by digital cameras, scanners, and also can be created by programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Send file in at 100% final size. Four Color Process Artwork Four color process artwork should be provided via email or uploaded via our Dropbox file upload page. Make sure images are saved in CMYK format at a minimum of 300 dpi. Must have color proof with order. Sizing of Artwork All artwork should be provided at requested imprint size per the specs above. Incorrect Artwork Any artwork not meeting these standards will not be considered complete and will delay order processing in addition to incurring $40.00 per hour art correction charge, billed at a 30 minute minimum and 15 minute increments thereafter.
  • Art Upload
    Vector art and other assets can be emailed to or uploaded using our Dropbox file upload link found below: FILE UPLOAD LINK
  • Shipping Information
    Ground Service Transit Time Map Shipping Trivia Not all shipping is based on just the weight of a package. Each carrier has their own specific package limitations and up-charges. A fuel surcharge is charged at billing and is not usually accurate on quotes from carriers. Early a.m. deliveries, i.e., by 8:00 a.m., can be made as early as 5:00 a.m. Do not ship to a location that is not open at that time! The package will go back on the truck for next day delivery. Shipments are insured for only $100. FOB means – Freight on Board – which basically means you own the goods once they leave a loading dock. There are a lot of restrictions when shipping, i.e., alcohol, tobacco, dangerous goods, perishables, plants, lighters, etc. Ask your Focus4 representative to go over your specific shipments at any time! We make it easier for you.
  • Order Checklist
    Helpful hints to organize your project and get the ball rolling with Focus 4. What quantity of goods to you need? What is your budget overall? Is your project event/date sensitive? If so, what is the drop dead delivery date? Where can we ship to and are there any guidelines or “rules” for delivery? What logo do you want to use and how many colors is it? Do you have PMS colors available? Does your entire order ship to one location; or multiple? Is your logo “camera ready”, see our art quidelines for more details. Who are you gearing these items towards; who are the recipients and what are do you want them to know about you? If this is a wearable, what sizes do you need and is unisex garments okay or do you need men/womens companion pieces? (For standard sizing on our most popular brands, please see our “Size & Fit” page) Do you have a preferred method of shipping. (For standard transit times, please see our “Shipping Options” page) Do you want to ship under your transit shipper, or be billed freight on your invoice? Would you like a sample? Would you like an e-proof or pre-production proof? How do you want to pay for your order? We have terms available (see our New Client Policies) and we take Visa/Mastercard/American Express. Do you need a PO from your company to proceed and are there special instructions Are these for resale? (If so, please fill out the CA Resale Certificate in our Resources area of our web site)
  • Policies and Procedures
    To keep you fully informed of our business practices, we have detailed below our company policies: ORDER DETAILS: Once a purchase has been requested you will receive our Order Acknowledgment along with a copy of the artwork. Please review this document for accuracy and sign and email us at if you agree to the content. We cannot proceed without acknowledgment of receipt and agreement to products ordered, colors, quantities, imprint instructions, etc. (except for rush order – see below) Please remember, we are all humans; no computer can compare to our minds, but we do make mistakes! Please, check every detail as the smallest error in a zip code or PMS color can wreak havoc on custom, event sensitive products. We will do our best to advise of any costs that have not been previously quoted. Our clients have the right to dispute costs that have not been approved and /or quoted. We have a 5–10% over/under run policy and bill accordingly. If overruns are expected to go over that percentage, we will advise. There may be some custom printed items that have a higher percentage associated with them, our sales associates will advise if it’s going to be over 10% in writing. Samples are the property of Focus4 and will be billed for if not returned within 30 days. We request shipper numbers from our clients on all samples. Both goods costs and shipping will be charged for at that time. Returned goods may also incur charges based on how they are received back, i.e., wrinkled, worn, etc. If your company works on a PO system, we would appreciate you providing us with the perimeters regarding packaging, shipping instructions, etc. Also, if you have formalized artwork guidelines, a copy of these is extremely helpful to us. All orders are “FOB” factory and shipping charges will apply. If you need shipping included in your quote, please advise. We will make every effort to minimize shipping costs. Please note, air freight is considerably more expensive than ground, however timelier. We encourage air shipments whenever an absolute date is critical. Customer shipper numbers are acceptable and can be used any time prior to shipping, factory handling charges may apply. Sales tax is applicable unless for resale or for out-of-state shipments. Resale Certificates must be completed and returned prior to invoicing to avoid sales tax. For initial orders and until credit has been approved, we require a 50% deposit. A Credit Card Authorization Form for VISA/Mastercard, or American Express follows to easily facilitate the deposit. You may also send a check upon receipt/approval of our order acknowledgement. Our terms are net 10 once credit has been approved. We send monthly statements at the end of each month. Payments not received within terms are subject to a 1.5% per month finance charge and calculated on monthly statements. Our minimum order amount is $500.00. Cancellation charges will apply to an order that is in progress and cancelled for any reason. These charges are subject to the charges Focus 4 incurs from our vendors. Our minimum cancellation charge is $50.00 for any order already in progress. Any creative costs associated with an order will be billed at $75.00/hour on cancelled orders. If production has been started, orders may not be cancelled and is up to our vendor at the time notice is made. Should you have any problems, we will resolve the matter in the most amicable way possible. We do have a 30-day return policy, as our vendors will not honor requests after that time frame. Since these products are customized with your specific, custom artwork, we prefer to do pre-production proofs prior to completing an order. There is an additional cost at times for this step; however, we believe it is an important step to provide you with the product and quality expected. RUSH ORDERS: All rush orders are not subject to refusal, and sold as is, unless our instructions to the factory have not been followed. If we are in the position of not having time for pre-production proofs, Focus 4 will not be held liable for any mistakes made on the order. Rush order acknowledgements are sent, however approval of rush orders is not required and we will proceed in the interest of time if requested. We encourage our clients to review order acknowledgments carefully so that mistakes can be found on paper, rather than on the final products. This does not apply to repeat orders that have had prior approval. We strive to do everything possible to assure our clients of the quality and service they deserve. CANCELLATION: Cancelled orders may be subject to billing of expenses incurred prior to cancellation. Restocking fees may apply on blank garments if returned to the factory on cancelled orders. Restocking fees are approximately 20-25%, plus inbound and outbound freight. If due notice has been provided by Focus4 of the shipment and the order is cancelled, at this point restocking fees would apply. Our staff is available on the phone during business hours to answer any questions you may have regarding an in-house. If you have problems that arise or have questions or concerns, please feel free to talk with our customer service department or your sales representative. We appreciate your confidence in Focus 4 and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Credit Card Authorization Form
    For initial orders and until credit has been approved, we require a 50% deposit. A Credit Card Authorization Form for VISA/Mastercard, or American Express follows to easily facilitate the deposit. (You may also send a check upon receipt/approval of our order acknowledgement.) Download Credit Card Authorization Form
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