Global Disruptions Statement

In this new world of pandemics and labor shortages - global disruptions can quickly affect all aspects of production, including shipping, inventory and quality controls. Pricing changes are happening overnight as well.

Please understand that Focus4 will do everything possible to mitigate these disruptions however, we have no control of them, or anything really.  We’ve seen Fed Ex delays where goods are 30 miles away yet, we can’t get them.  We’ve seen price increases double without warning on placed orders.  Production times changes daily.  

You have our assurance that we are closely monitoring all quotes, production and active orders so that we have daily updates.  

That said, for the local news; please note we have two offices.  One in Sonoma Valley and a new, second location in Eugene, Oregon.  All of our computers have been moved out of the “fire zone” that is Northern, California so we’re hopeful we won’t have any interruptions.  Our Sonoma office has been plagued with PG&E power outages since 2017 in their attempts to keep us safe; it happens frequently and our systems here are inactive; hence the need for another location.  We’re hopeful we will go through another fire season unscathed!


Thank you for your understanding.